About Our Company

About Our Company

Tianjin Techi Industrial Co.,Ltd is a Chinese top quality manufacture and supplier of Product of hydraulic system,Fluid system,hydraulic pipe fitting as per client’s exact specification and accordance with relevant standards as per requirement or drawings.

About Us

Our Principle

Our principle is “to achieve zero defects through continuous improvement!” And now the factories are under modern technologies and managment.To fulfill each requirement of customers and to meet with international specifications and dimensional standards, we follow stringent quality policy.

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Product Range

Our main products include Hose Clamp,Pipe Clamp,Pipe Repair Clamp,Camlock Coupling,  Tri Clamp,Bauer Coupling,Air Hose Coupling,Ground Joint Coupling, stainless steel pipe fitting, brass fitting and more other coupling in fluid control and transmission Industry.

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What We Do

Hose Clamp

Worm Drive Hose clamps,American Type Hose Clamp,Germany Type Hose Clamp,Heavy duty Hose clamps,T-bolt Hose Clamp,U Bolt Clamp,Sanitary Tri Clamp,GI Double Bolt Clamp,Single/Double ear clamp,Double Wires Clamp,Quick Release Hose Clamp,Spring Hose Clamp,”U” type pipe clamp,,” F” type pipe clamp,Rubber Clamp, ceiling pipe support Clamp,Clevis Hanger,Clamp

Hydraulic Pipe Clamp

Heavy duty pipe clamps,heavy series tube clamps according to DIN 3015-2,

Double pipe clamps / twin pipe clamps according to DIN 3015-3,Standard series stauff type pipe clamps / tube clamps according to DIN3015-1,DIN 3567 Metal pipe clamps as carbon steel pipe clamps, stainless steel pipe clamps.

Pipe Repair Clamp

Stainless steel gas tube quick repair clamp,GF Non-Metal Pipe Coupling,GR-L stamping stainless steel pipe repair connection clamp,GR-S Gear-Ring Type Multi-Function Pipe Coupling,SS Pipe Band Repair Clamps

Pipe Coupling

Stainless Steel 304 316 Camlock Coupling A B C D E F DP DC,Aluminium Camlock Coupling,Bauer Coupling,Sandblast Coupling,Universal Air Hose Coupling,Ground Joint Coupling

Sanitary Tri Clamp

Sanitary Pipe fitting Stainless steel Tri clamp complete set,Sanitary Weld Ferrule + Tri Clamp + Gasket Set,Sanitary Stainless Steel Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamp,DIN one pin clamp clip 304 DN10/20,Three Pieces Tri Clamp

Layflat Hose

PVC Single Jacket Fire Hose,FIRE FIGHTING HOSE,Double Jacket Pvc Lining Canvas Fire Hose,PVC layflat hose/PV irrigation hose/ PVC water hose,

TPU flexible layflat hose 4” 6” 8” 10” and 12” 200psi with V couplings

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